The Passenger Locator Form, is an online form, which must be completed before your travel. This online formular helps in the contact tracing. The Passenger Locator Form does not replace an Evisa and must be completed separately from the Evisa.


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Travelling to Turkey

Update: October 5, 2022 9:00 Istanbul

Since 5th October 2022 the new measures for coming in Turkey by aeroplane, land or sea are as follows:
1- It is no more required to present a negative PCR or antigen test,
2- It is no more required to present a vaccination or healing certificate
to enter Turkey from this date.

Thus, all travelers meeting the general travel conditions (valid travel document, visa if applicable, passenger locator form) can enter Turkey without any restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
As stated on the official website of the Turkish Immigration Services
“The completion of this form can be checked at the Turkish border. If you do not fill out the form or make a misleading statement, you may face judicial and administrative sanctions. You may also not be allowed to enter Turkey (if you are not a Turkish citizen or do not have a residence permit in Turkey)

Remember to complete the public health passenger locator form below

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Before going to Turkey, kindly note that wearing a mask is from now on mandatory throughout your trip, at the airport and on board your flight. In some cases, a medical check-up for COVID 19 may be performed on your arrival by the authorities.


All travelers who have made a stay in India within 10 days of their flight to Turkey are subject to a 14-day quarantine at an establishment designated by the Turkish authorities. A COVID PCR test will be performed on the 14th day of quarantine and the quarantine will be lifted if they test negative.


Flight attendants and merchant navy employees are not affected by the COVID PCR and fortnightly test obligation.

Required forms

As of March 15, 2021, all travelers must complete the entry health public passenger locator form below online within 72 hours of their flight departure. A code for health monitoring will then be assigned by email (called HES code) for the duration of their stay in Turkey. you can present it in paper or digital format on your mobile phone during check-in. We recommend that you always keep a hard copy with you. Click on the passenger-locator-form button below to get it. Without this mandatory health declaration, the flight crew will deny you boarding.