The Passenger Locator Form, is an online form, which must be completed before your travel. This online formular helps in the contact tracing. The Passenger Locator Form does not replace an Evisa and must be completed separately from the Evisa.


Japan Health Questionnaire

Total removal of travel restrictions
All travellers can now travel to Japan

As part of the quarantine procedure of the current situation against COVID-19, all travellers entering or returning to Japan must submit an Online Health Questionnaire (it is similar like a PLF) on which they have to fill information about their current health condition and travel history.

They will then obtain a document with a QR Code which must then be presented to the Japanese Quarantine Officer upon their arrival in the country. Without this document, a traveller may be refused his entry into Japan.

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The below points outline what the Japan Health Questionnaire is about.

Why the Japan Health Questionnaire?

This health declaration form (PLF) is a compulsory document that all travellers to Japan must have in their possession for their travel.

All passengers must follow the current safety measures for Japan or they may be refused entry. It is important that a passenger states in the questionnaire that he/ she meets all the current COVID-19 entry requirements, such as a negative test result.

The Japan health form asks all passengers to answer question about their current health status. The main purpose of the Japan Health Questionnaire is to inform the Japanese Health Authorities of any traveller who could be at risk of carrying COVID-19. Authorities officials can then take appropriate steps to manage the situation at the earliest such as refusing the entry or any additional requirements.

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Who requires to apply for a Japan Health Questionnaire?

All international travellers who intend to travel to Japan must have applied and completed the Japan Health Questionnaire. After receiving your travel document with your QR code, you should take a copy with you during your travel and present it when requested by the Japanese officials.

This questionnaire is also required for Japanese citizens who wish to return again to the country.

Each passenger should apply for a separate form and this applies to children as well regardless of their age.

There is no available option to add passengers while answering the Japan Health Questionnaire.

What are the main requirements for the Japan Health Declaration Form?

For the Japan Health Questionnaire, you will need to answer the following:

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