The Passenger Locator Form, is an online form, which must be completed before your travel. This online formular helps in the contact tracing. The Passenger Locator Form does not replace an Evisa and must be completed separately from the Evisa.


E-Ticket Dominican Republic

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The only obligation on arrival and departure, is to fill in the E-ticket, passenger locator form.

No more Covid tests are required to enter the Dominican Republic.

A check temperature will be done on each traveler regardless of vaccination status and age.

Random testing is done to a small percentage of travelers and primarily to travelers with symptoms.

You must have a passport, valid 6 months after the end of your stay.

No evisa, e-visa, e visa, esta, eta or ave are required.

Vaccination certificates are no longer compulsory when you get off the plane, nor when you will access tourist establishments, nor for transport and other leisure activities during your trip.

On your return, no test will be required because your destination is classified green on the list by the French government.

However, it is important to note that the only obligation is to fill in the Dominican Republic plf, which is called E ticket before departure.

Travelers who do not have their eTicket are liable to a fine of 80 USD per person

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