The Passenger Locator Form, is an online form, which must be completed before your travel. This online formular helps in the contact tracing. The Passenger Locator Form does not replace an Evisa and must be completed separately from the Evisa.


Columbia Check-Mig Form

It is compulsory for ALL travellers entering Columbia to make their application on the ‘Check-Mig’ Form. This form is Colombia’s version of a Passenger Locator Form which requires all passengers to share their health status with the Colombian authorities.

A passenger may be denied entry to the country if he cannot provide his pre-registered Check-Mig form to the officials at the airport.

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IMPORTANT : The Check-Mig form is a single entry document. Therefore, a traveller must complete a new application every time he is planning to travel to the country. The approved Check-MIG document is valid for 30 days from issuing.

The traveller should also note that the Check-Mig is not a visa. Depending on his citizenship, if a traveller requires a VISA to visit Colombia, then he will need to present both the Check-Mig form and the VISA.

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Fully vaccinated travellers can enter Columbia without the need to do any PCR or antigen test.

However, who are entering the country via cruise ship, must be fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to the entry in the country.

Travellers who are not fully vaccinated must provide proof of a negative PCR or antigen test taken no later than 72 hours.

Children aged 17 and under do not need to show proof of vaccination or negative PCR test to enter Colombia.

What will you need to apply for the Colombia Check-Mig form:

- A valid passport

- Your travel information (flight dates, flight number and airline details)

- A valid email address to receive your approved document

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